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Cyborg Protectors Volume 2 -- Alyse Anders

Cyborg Rogues, Vol 2

The prison had no name. Its cruelty surpassed even its reputation, its reality far harsher. The Grus and aliens who passed through the thick metal doors and down the transportation tube far beneath the planet's surface rarely survived to see the end of their sentences.

Life in the prison was nasty, brutish, and often, short, even for the cyborgs who ran the facility. They had long ago given up on happiness. Then the humans came and changed their lives forever.

Four fated mates. Four stories of love that transcends time and space.

Cyborg Protectors, Volume 2 contains the novellas:

    • Chained to the Cyborg
    • Freed by the Cyborg
    • Exposed by the Cyborg
    • Redeemed by the Cyborg
    • Available in print at Amazon and your local independent bookstore!