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Saved by the Cyborg -- Alyse Anders

Saved by the Cyborg
Book 3 Cyborg Protectors series
ISBN: 978-1-7770382-1-2

With the enemy closing in, a cyborg must do everything he can, to save his mate.

Eagan has a brilliant tactical mind and was instrumental in the cyborg’s defeat over the Sholle, but in the years since the war he’s been on his own. With the arrival of a Sholle scout ship, he’s pulled back to active duty and changed with not only saving the lives of the Grus, but also a ship full of human women. When he meets his mate, Beth, Eagan’s world is turned on his head. Now, he must not only find a way to defeat the Sholle, but save Beth from the Grus who want to keep them apart.

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